Friday, December 28, 2007

Pozole from Potzollcalli, Mexico City

Pozole before loading up on garnishes

This was awesome. One of the things I had to get in Mexico was pozole, a soup similar to menudo but using pork (and/or chicken in this case) instead of tripe. This place specializes in it, and in fact is even named after it. It's actually quite a big chain, and looked discouragingly like a Denny's with all of its plasticky booths and menus at first.

But it turned out that it was nothing to worry about. They offered so many variations on the stuff; not only in terms of the colors of the broth (red, green, clear, etc.), but also in terms of the selection of toppings (such as pork rinds - yeah!). In that sense, it was kinda like Vietnamese pho, where the selection of ingredients will vary not only by user preference, but also according to the region that it was prepared in. And my red bowl was simply delicious and refreshing, especially after topping it with radish, avocado, and a squeeze of lime.

From front: mini tostadas, chalupas, and sopesWe also got a few other things on the side, including a platter of miniature tostadas, chalupas, sopes, and quesadillas, all of which were assisted by a heaping of a red chili seed oil-based hot sauce that was effectively the same thing as that Cantonese chili oil that I love so much. What a delight this was!


oudivegirl said...

Yumm...i think I was eating Pozole that same night - Dec 28th in Cozumel, Mexico! ;)

Get yourself to Cozumel & I'll direct you to some great hole in the wall places as I share a similar travel/food obsession. :)

I'm from Dallas tho...and coincidentally heading to Rome this weekend in search of some good foody places. Suggestions?

bma said...

It's been a while since I've been there, but apparently the Trastevere area is a popular place to go eat.