Sunday, December 07, 2008

Granja Dulcinea, Barcelona

Churros and Chocolate

This was another little hot chocolate shop in Barcelona (2 Carrer de Petrixol, 93-3026824). While still thick in consistency, the chocolate was thinner than nearby La Granja's. I kinda preferred the thicker one as I was really only looking to dip into the chocolate rather than drink it, but this place had churros at least.

Bikini Sandwich

These guys also had ham sandwiches, but they used sliced bread and made it like a basic grilled cheese sandwich (interestingly, this was called a bikini - presumably because of the triangular shape?). I definitely prefer La Granja's baguette-based sandwiches instead. The little alleyway may be a bit hard to find on a map, so the GPS coordinates were approximately 41.3825 degrees north by 2.1734 degrees east if it helps.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love churros! Had my best ones from some amazingly hardworking latino ladies from the new york city subway. Yum!