Saturday, December 06, 2008

La Granja, Barri Gòtic, Barcelona

Entrepà de pernil dolç

This was actually a milk bar serving hot chocolate (4 Carrer Dels Banys Nous, 93-302-69-75). But with a basket full of these lovely sandwiches, I couldn't resist succumbing to a ham sandwich with a couple plates of green olives this morning. One of the things that I've been loving about this trip is the omnipresence of proper crispy baguettes (unlike the soft bread that one gets in Singapore). If all bread were like this, then I would eat a lot more bread than I do now.

Clockwise from bottom: xocolata picant, melindros, and ensaïmadaSure - the hot chocolate here was a delight too. The spicy xocolata picant was thicker, darker, and sweeter than what I've had in both Mexico and Argentina and went well with the melindros and ensaïmada pastries. But I just got more excited about the sandwich instead as I'm normally not much for breakfast nor sweet things.

This quaint little place was in an alleyway of the old city without a signboard, but look for the unit number four posted. And if it helps, the GPS coordinates were roughly 41.3822 degrees north by 2.1751 degrees east.


Anonymous said...

the "baguettes" you get in SG are yucky- either too soft or stale, like almost all bread in this country.

Kathy said...

Those from Carrefour in sg aren't too bad. The trick is storage when you do get to buy from shops which bake them fresh daily.

Put them in the freezer, then when re-heating using a conventional oven, spritz with some water on the surface to keep slightly moist.

The bread will come out of the oven with the fresh aroma, as if just being baked. =P. This is a tip from the bakers themselves.

Bread spoils very fast in our humid climate due to the moisture they absorb.