Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chocolate and Chilaquiles for Breakfast


Here are a couple of classic Mexican breakfast dishes, the first of which is hot chocolate. This is light years from that powdered Swiss Miss stuff, as this was very nutty and aromatic (good for dipping bread in), even if it was much thinner than the Spanish version that I was expecting. This stuff will quickly form a "skin" on top if you don't drink it fast enough though.

Chilquiles verde y rojosAnd here is something called chilaquiles, which I originally thought was rather odd since it seemed like something a bachelor might do to reheat some leftovers. Only later did I realize that this is pretty much exactly what this was designed for: finishing off stale chips by letting them soak in a spicy (or sour, in the case of the green version) salsa until they are soggy and topped with things like cheese. As unattractive as that might sound, this was deliciously spicy enough for me to go for more. Cool - now I know what to do with those stale chips at home!

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