Friday, June 08, 2018

Quan Alley Hotpot in Taipei, Taiwan


I've just found my new favorite hot pot place in Taipei. It's actually a small chain, but a rather upscale one at that, including not just a very posh d├ęcor but also plating that made something as simple as cabbage look elegant without being tacky.

It's not just the looks though: the quality of the ingredients could hold its own too, especially that broth above. Both the white pork soup on the left and the spicy one on the right were silky smooth, making it go nicely with the marbled beef and pork in our set.

Granted, the broth could've been just a tad spicier, but I thought this was just the right balance. It's too bad that the drink selection was pretty lousy though, and one couldn't order sliced lamb a la carte either. I'd still rather come here than Ding Wang.

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