Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Number One Food Theatre in Taipei, Taiwan

Beef Noodle

Like Addiction Aquatic Development, this place has an unattractively utilitarian name for a restaurant (presumably it sounds much better in Chinese). Still, it was nearby today, and this beef noodle dish was one of their specialties (2 Bade Road Section 2 Lane 346 Alley 3, 2775-1689).

It took a while for it to come out of the kitchen, but it was worth it, especially with that gigantic but very impressively tender slab of meat up there, as it just feel off the bone, complete with its wonderful fat woven into it. More importantly, the broth here was light years ahead of that nasty one from last night. Granted, it still wasn't as in the same league as Liu Shandong nor Lin Dong Fang down the street, but it was good enough to make this worthwhile. The noodle texture was reasonable too.

They serve other things here too, and in fact, this farm-to-table place is a Michelin Bib Gourmand. It's in a cute little wooden barn with some kind of market down on the ground floor. Note to self: next time try the Japanese curry or something, especially if it will be faster while I'm rushing to my next meeting.

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