Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Addiction Aquatic Development in Taipei

Grilled King Crab Leg

That's right - it's more seafood, and my third meal of the night (I told you that I was trying to make the most of my one night here!). This was yet again another recommendation from the same colleague who referred me to the previous two meals. The English name above is quite a mouthful, but perhaps it's easier to just refer to it as the Taipei Fish Market (18 Minzu East Road Alley 2 Lane 410, 2508-1268)

Now, this is nothing like Tsukiji or even Noryangjin...this is more of a retail renovation of a large venue that has one section of it with a bunch of tanks holding things like Alaskan king crabs, while other sections served sushi, hot pot, or in my case, grilled seafood outside. I was already decently full from those previous two meals and hence just grabbed a beer and whatever the lady recommended, which turned out to be a crab leg and a Japanese sanma.

They were fine, but nothing for me to get that excited about. This place would probably be more fun with a big group where we could wash everything down with suds, but I've eaten an entire aquarium's worth tonight and have had enough. I don't think I'll come back to this place, which means that of this entire marathon tonight, Sasa was the winner that I'd still go back to.

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