Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Longtail in Taipei, Taiwan

Heirloom tomato salad, strawberries, goat cheese, and Taiwanese basil

To be honest, I'm getting kinda tired of beef noodle. Plus, these past few days have been filled with back to back meetings, so I figured I'd pamper myself a little. I wasn't too far from this one Michelin-starred place either (174 Dunhua South Road Section 2, 2732-6616), so I made my way here in the hopes of being able to walk in. Fortunately, it wasn't any problem when I arrived, despite the online reservation system showing the place fully booked.

Charred foie gras dumplings, sweet corn, pecorino, kaffir lime

I loved that I could sit at the bar, especially since they had a cocktail pairing option with their multi-course menu. And the food was wonderful, including that heirloom tomato salad with strawberries at the top, to the charred foie gras dumplings with sweet corn and pecorino under that. The kitchen wasn't afraid to be edgy either: a tilefish that they brought out not only had scales still attached (i.e., fried so that they were crispy), but was also sitting in a parmesan water that they somehow extracted from the cheese, if I heard them correctly.

Australian beef tenderloin, carrots, mala sauce, baby leek

Most of the ingredients were local, and they were playful in giving some dishes a local twist too, like a stewed oyster with green chili sauce and a thin slice of local shaobing on the side! That tenderloin above was probably the dish that really brought it home for me. See that brown sauce on the plate? It's a homemade mala sauce, and it packed some heat. Like MUME, this place was much cheaper than I was expecting too. Bravo!

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