Friday, May 04, 2018

My First Taste of Jersey Mike's Subs

#4 Provolone, Prosciuttini, Cappacuolo

I've always been curious about this Jersey Mike's chain, so we popped inside for a convenient dinner. I had no idea what to order, but I went for this #4, featuring provolone, prosciuttini, and cappacuolo. It was on their featured list, calling it an "old favorite."

It seems like the main thing about this place is that they slice their meat to order. That, and "Mike's Way" of dressing it with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, spices, and a heavy dose of red wine vinegar and olive oil. The amount used in those last two points are much more than what Subway does, making it more unique.

But I hated how soft the bread was. I was expecting something crusty, but instead it was soft like Subway's. Even if I liked the vinegar, I was pretty let down. That said, I think I forgot to get the cherry pepper relish, which might've made this more interesting. Their cheesesteaks smelled pretty good too.

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