Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ike's Lair in Cupertino, California

Nacho Boy

That probably doesn't look like much, but that was easily one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. It was from Ike's, a place in San Francisco that I had heard about for a while but never had a chance to go to. They've since expanded to a bunch of places in the Valley, so we stopped by one to pick up some lunch today (21000 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Suite 100, 861-1000).

It was awesome, including not just the ingredients and the sauce inside, but also that delicious Dutch crunch bread. Plus, they offered a seemingly endless way of customizing these things (next time, I need to make sure to load up on the chili peppers that they had available). Move over, Potbelly...my new favorite is Ike's by far, and I eagerly await my next visit.

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JadedOne said...

If you have time, you should try Nam Vang. The only thing you should get is the #1 dry with soup on the side. Maybe get some Chinese donut and a meatball with it.

The broth is heavenly and the pork bone that goes with it is fatty and cartilage. The real star are the sauce that goes with the noodles and all of its toppings. It comes with ground pork, heart, liver, shrimp and some thinly sliced pork. OK, that may sound a little boring but, trust me, it's one of my favorite ghetto go to spots. Just go there already. I will be shocked if you are disappointed or didn't think much of it!