Thursday, April 05, 2018

Teppei's Men-Men Tei Has Finally Opened

Red Snapper Ramen

Teppei's new ramen place at Singapore's Marina One finally opened today (5 Straits View #B2-28, 6282-7280). Not to be confused with Men-Tei just a few blocks away (nor his unagi restaurant Man Man), Teppei's shop is staffed with a former Musashi chef. Most of the menu was tonkotsu-based, but they were highlighting this red snapper special that sounded interesting enough, despite them saying that it was "oil free."

It turns out that it didn't need the oil, as the broth was nicely crisp and savory, and it went well with their suggested bowl of rice afterwards. Still, the fish was cold in the center, presumably because they had taken it out of the fridge or something. And I still haven't tried the rest of the menu items yet. I wonder if that ebi ramen is anything like Keisuke's former masterpiece.

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