Saturday, March 03, 2018

Sidrería Petritegi Sagardotegia in Astigarraga, Basque Country

Sidrería Petritegi Sagardotegia

I found out the other day that the San Sebastián tourism bureau runs its own food tours, and generally at much cheaper prices than the other tour companies. And they even had a Basque cider house tour and meal that wasn't available from the other guys. So I went for this visit to Petritegi just outside of the city (8 Petritegi Bidea, 943-457188).

Basque cider cellar

It came with a tour of the facilities, including this cellar where my guide showed me how to use a glass to catch cider as it shot out of a spout. There's no one else in the photo above as the tour happened before dinner time, but this room was packed once the crowds arrived, with all of them seemingly knowing how to catch their cider and line up behind the next guy to keep a continuous stream of cider flowing.


There was a big banquet hall with long wooden benches, with dinner consisting of a cod omelette, cod topped with onions and peppers, that steak above, as well as cheese with quince and walnuts. It was not only good, but in huuuge portions, and all at the bargain price of only €40 (US$49). It reminded me of Dario Checchini's place out in Chianti, which also involved a jovial party-like atmosphere while eating steak on long wooden benches.

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