Friday, March 02, 2018

Ganbara in San Sebastián, Basque Country

Wild Mushrooms

I did a food tour tonight that went to several different pintxos bars across old town San Sebastián, one of which was this one (21 San Jeronimo, 943-422575), a place that was apparently already quite famous and now even more so after Bourdain came here. I didn't get to try any of those lovely mushrooms above, but the crab tartlets below were rather unique, and I liked their delicate and rich croquettes too. They also had a Russian salad that was much, much better than the one from Gaig, especially with its thick pickles and fish in there.

Tartaleta de Txangurro

Other bars that we hit up included Goiz Argi, Zumeltzegi, A Fuego Negro, and La Cueva (so that I don't forget!). Highlights included local Basque ham and beef, a prawn skewer topped with vinaigrette, and snails in a tomato sauce. More importantly, it was good to hear about the history of pintxos (basically, alcohol and preserved food was involved in the early days, but now any shop using toothpicks is for tourists) as well as the process of nudging your way up to the front and throwing serviettes on the floor to help show that it is a popular shop.


Terence Lim said...

While you are in SS,

Don't forget to hit up BORDA BERRI for their grilled Pulpo and their grilled veal cheeks in red wine!

Also in the hills outside SS, go visit a Sideria and have really good aged steaks! The one I went to was Sidrería Petritegi Sagardotegia!



Mamesilly said...

Could you please let me know the name of the food tour you did?

bma said...

Indeed, they are both on the list!

bma said...

Weird...somehow I never got notified of the second comment, and am only seeing it now six months later! Anyway, it was from the folks at Mimo.