Friday, March 02, 2018

Bar Del Pla in Barcelona, Spain

Beef Tartare with Foie Gras

I found out about this place last night and decided to come over for lunch today, in part because they had "A Refreshing Salad" on the menu (2 Carrer de Montcada, 932-683003). That might sound a bit odd, but it's so difficult to get leafy greens around here that I was just dying for a salad. It was fine, even if it included fruit and nuts.

I also grabbed that steak tartare in the foreground; those are foie gras shavings on top, adding a very mild touch of richness. But it also had some kind of candied nuts, and the kitchen in general seems to incline towards the sweet side of things. The means that this place won't be one that I'll rush back to...except for maybe when I need a salad again.

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