Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Emmer & Rye in Austin, Texas

Dry Aged Beef Tartare, Black Garlic, Mint Marigold, Nuka Beets, Grilled Bread

It's places like this that just make me happy (51 Rainey Street #110, 512-366-5530). What's not to like about small plates and fresh ingredients, craft beer and cocktails, plus friendly and easy going service? We told them to just feed us, and there wasn't a single dish to disagree with, including not just the tartare above, but the fresh cheese, pa amb tomàquet, short rib carnitas, or cacio e pepe. My favorite of the bunch was a crispy Carolina rice salad topped with lots of fresh basil (I loooooove basil!). Yes, I liked this place better than Parkside, Barley Swine, and Searsucker, and would be delighted to come back here again.

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