Thursday, May 29, 2014

Parkside in Austin, Texas

Oh man, that was awesome, and it was completely unexpected too. After having gone over 30 hours door to door with delayed flights and problems with ground transportation, I was tired and hungry. So I was actually on my way to just a simple food truck when I came across this place. They were still serving food until midnight, so I figured that I might as well give it a try (301 East Sixth Street, 474-9898). I am *very* glad that I did.

Seriously, if I lived in Austin, I would be here a lot, if anything just for the cocktails alone (gotta love the aroma of that fresh jalapeno slice when drinking their rendition of a Moscow mule). But the food was delicious too, be it the ceviche above, or even the kale salad, which used cornbread for croutons...brilliant! Places like Franklin and La Condesa may be some of my favorites in Austin, but this place just rose to the top. Rock on.

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