Thursday, January 04, 2018

Takezo Ramen by Menya Musashi at Clementi Mall

Shabu Mazesoba

I didn't even realize that this place was actually from Musashi until I looked more closely; they interestingly demoted the brand at their Clementi Mall outlet, putting Takezo front and center instead (3155 Commonwealth Avenue West #B1-34, 6659-5380).

Anyway, the reason why I came here was that flat piece of fried noodle in the back. It's too bad then that it was thick and heavy, and thus unpleasant to eat (Mamee Monster it was not!). And the mazesoba in that bowl wasn't any good either as it was dressed in a sweet garlic-heavy sauce. I didn't even bother finishing it.

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Dawn said...

One of the feeling check boxes should be "sad".