Sunday, October 27, 2013

Musashi's Tom Yum Tontoro Mazesoba

Tom Yum Tontoro Mazesoba

I've been so disenchanted with Musashi lately that I nearly considered walking out of here shortly after being seated. The ventilation in here was terrible again, and I figured that maybe at most I'd take a couple of bites and then walk away in disgust, even if that meant shamefully wasting the uneaten food.

So I was totally surprised when I took a bite of this mazesoba special today and actually liked it. It was much better than I was expecting, with those rich and smoky slices of pork going well with a tom yum seasoning that was balanced rather than overpowering.

Granted, it also just ended up reminding me of Tinun, wishing that they would come back to Singapore. But it also reminded me of the kitchen skills that made me like Musashi so much the first time around. If only they would just turn up the darned air conditioning!

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