Sunday, March 03, 2013

Ebi Tsukemen from Menya Musashi

Ebi Tsukemen

Not to be confused with the ebiten tsukemen that the ION Orchard location had, Musashi is now offering this ebi tsukemen at its Star Vista location, complete with a prawn-based broth that the ebiten tsukemen did not have. One could definitely taste the prawns, but it was grittier than Keisuke's wonderfully clean and consomme-like broth, and hence falling far short of the target.

Actually, I'm getting increasingly frustrated with Musashi. For whatever reason, both their ION Orchard and Star Vista locations seem to dislike running the air conditioning, making both venues very stuffy and uncomfortable (contrast that with the days when Keisuke still ran his ebi ramen, and the delightful aroma of shrimp heads filled the air). And what's up with those overcooked eggs?? I hope they bring back that nitomen; otherwise, I'm sticking to Bari-Uma and Sanji instead.

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