Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ebiten Tsukemen from Menya Musashi

Ebiten Tsukemen

After seeing the sign for this prawn ramen special at Musashi the other day, my curiosity was piqued. Could this possibly be anything like that magical ebi ramen that Keisuke so heartbreakingly reneged on a couple of years ago? I had a chance to try it tonight.

I liked it, most notably because of that crispy fried shrimp cake thingy, which went down with ease. The broth definitely wasn't the light and aromatic wonder that Keisuke created (this one was grittier with the prawn taste buried a bit deeper), but it was nonetheless still good enough for me to finish to the last drop.

No, it unfortunately is still not a proxy for Keisuke's ebi ramen. But yes, I'll come back for this again, making sure to get the double portions next time. Note that this was at the Kodou outlet at ION Orchard rather than the Raffles City one.


Hazel said...

It seems nice to have it for lunch or dinner

Jude said...

Suzuki Ramen along Circular Road has the ebi ramen too, only available at night. Taste like a heavy duty prawn noodle, but not too bad.