Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nitomen from Menya Musashi Kodou

Kodou Nitomen

You can't really see it underneath all of that chashu in the photo above, but this tsukemen featured two kinds of noodles: the usual curly kind that you can see in the foreground, plus another one that was almost as wide as pappardelle, but thicker and cut into stubby lengths (maybe Chinese dao xiao mian is a better comparison). I just loved the chewy dough of the latter, especially when dunked into that deep fragrant broth alongside. Yum - I liked this even better than (the now departed) Tetsu.

Anyway, this was from the new Menya Musashi outlet at ION Orchard (2 Orchard Turn #B3-25, 6509-9394), which has thankfully overtaken that nasty Aoba Ramen place. For most of their tsukemen, they allow you to request up to five times the amount of noodles at no charge, but unfortunately that practice did not apply to this one, whose only option is double noodles, half of it being the special wide ones. Does anyone know if they offer the wide noodles at the original Raffles City location? Either way, I'm coming back for more.

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brian said...

Just discovered your blog today! I'll be in Singapore (by way of Chicago) at the end of the month/1st week of September, and am excited to try some of your recommendations. Thanks!