Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Kara-Uma Ramen from Bari-Uma

Small Sized Kara-Uma Ramen

This spicy ramen at Bari-Uma was better than I thought it would be. Part of it was the pleasant surprise of finding it garnished with a dried chili pod (cool!). But more importantly, it still sat on that solid foundation of firm noodles, charred pork, and deep broth that came with the normal Ajitama-Uma bowl. The micro-sized gyoza were kinda fun too.

Many other things on the menu are forgettable though. The shoyu ramen here was rather unremarkable. And keep your distance from that yakitori; it sat in so much tare sauce that even Tori-Q would have been jealous. Clearly one should go to specialized places for that instead.

But I'll definitely come here over neighboring Uma-Uma, especially if it's for the Ajitama-Uma or Kara-Uma bowls. It was also kinda cool that they offered small-sized portions (effectively, mini bowls) here too. Gosh, all of this talk about spicy ramen just makes me miss Kusabi's gekikara ramen; it was a sad day when they left Singapore.

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