Friday, April 23, 2010

Returning to Gogyo, Tokyo


If those gyoza look like the tiny ones that Ippudo sells, I guess that's not really much of a surprise given their heritage (they also had Ippudo's Goma-Q here). Of course, we were really chasing our long sought-after kogashi ramen tonight. And the second time around, it became very clear that my preference was for the more polished shoyu version; the miso version was just a tad too coarse for me. I liked the shoyu one so much that I kept putting my head down to the broth later to whiff up that beautiful aroma. I wonder how the tsukemen here tastes - it looked pretty good from a distance.

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nev said...

I went to their Yoyogi-Uehara branch tonight, much easier to find than the Roppongi one, and no queue. also much closer to my office. I tried their chicken wing, it's excellent (but I prefer Singapore's #5 bar's chicken wings). Some pics here: