Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ippudo Singapore...With a Full Menu Now

Goma Kyuri

Ippudo Singapore officially opened with a full menu today. We went down there this morning to see what else they were offering beyond last week's soft launch. Unfortunately, kogashi ramen still was not being offered, but they did have a few other varieties, one of which was a seasonal karaka-men, which basically came topped with a scoop of spicy miso. It packed a punch, but almost too much - the spices overpowered the beautiful broth underneath, making us want to stick to the more elegant tasting akamaru instead.

I really liked their goma kyuri though. It was nothing more than a Japanese cucumber seasoned with a bit of sesame oil and the like, but it was so refreshing that I gobbled it up in seconds. Indeed, we took a look at their dinner menu and found a lot more things than what was available at lunchtime, largely because of a bunch of appetizers and such. Well, even if they aren't offering kogashi ramen, the chance to try out more of those little dishes is probably worth several more trips down here.


Jason said...

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Pemmi said...

Haven't checked out your food reviews for quite a long time as I moved out of Singapore to California. Really miss those good japanese places there.
Any recommendations in SF Bay area and Monterey/Carmel area? Loads of thanks :P

P.S. I tried the Dungeness crab place you featured here. Yummy ^^

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your blog. in particulre, i like looking at the pictures and guessing. my first guess was okra sliced. like a chtitstmas tree.pretty close. thanks, sir. and merry chistmas, happy hannukah, dewalii, kawnza. and ... well i am just one person. thanks and wishing you well. merry Christmas... tom

ke.i said...

i went there.
not worth the price for the quality.

feel like they're passing a lot of the rent to us from what i see.
the ramen portion seems to kept at a minimal and the gyoza! jesus just how small they can make it to be?

bad mistake opening at a premium place, this detracts from the true value they can bring to the customer in their food.