Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ippudo Singapore, Mandarin Gallery

Akamaru Tamago Ramen

At long last - after so many months of waiting, Japan's Ippudo finally opened its outlet in Singapore (333A Orchard Road #04-02, 6235-2797). I've been waiting so long that when the Straits Times said that they were open today for a soft launch, we bolted on down here. The new Mandarin Gallery mall was still incomplete for that matter, with the sounds of construction and a faint smell of paint still drifting over from the many unopened stores nearby. Either way, we got our ramen.

The soft launch meant that they were serving a limited menu for now, but we got one of each type of broth. To my surprise, the noodles were straight and skinny, while the broth was very thin (unlike the heavy sauce-like qualities of Jangara). But thin did not mean that it was short on taste, as the rich pork bone flavor still shone through. The tiny thumb-sized gyoza were also rather amusing yet still enjoyable.


Yes, that was one of the better bowls around, but it still wasn't my beloved kogashi ramen from Ippudo's sister shop Gogyo. And with long lines sure to form here, I'll probably keep parking myself at Marutama for a while. I look forward to seeing what the full menu eventually offers later this month though.


LM said...

Nice blog! i'll be joining the queue to try ippudo ramen next week... :D

i would like to read more of your food adventures in SG! <3

Nathan said...

dont bother to try ramen in makes singaporean looks dumb if u say is nice