Friday, November 16, 2012

Ramen Bari-Uma, Tanglin Shopping Centre


Another ramen shop has opened up in Singapore. Not to be confused with Uma Uma Ramen down the street, these guys are Ramen Bari-Uma, taking the location of the former Bombay Woodlands (19 Tanglin Road #B1-01, 6887-4484).

It surprised me. The mildly thick tonkotsu broth was so savory that one might have even thought that they slipped in a bouillon cube, kinda like how Tsukada Nojo tastes. The thick cut of pork was so much better than your everyday chashu, as they scorched it on the outside and topped it with a dab of sauce. And the gyoza came out piping hot and crunchy.

Rock on. This place has easily catapulted itself into my list of Top 3 ramen shops in town. Keisuke and Musashi, watch out. I'm going to be coming here a lot more instead!

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Vivilicious said...

I agree, so much better than Uma-Uma!