Sunday, November 04, 2012

Japan's Tsukada Nojo in Singapore

Tori Nikomi Soba Shio

Man, this week has just been filled with Japanese restaurant openings, eh? I came down to the new Atrium@Orchard section of Plaza Singapura earlier this week to attempt a walk-in at this chicken hot pot chain from Japan, but they were completely booked for dinner. I thus figured that maybe it'd be easier to come here for lunch instead (60B Orchard Road #01-81, 6336-5003).

But when we got here today, they weren't serving the full-on bijin nabe for lunch, but rather single-serving bowls of noodles that presumably used the same savory yet mildly thick chicken stock that they used for dinner. Interestingly, it almost tasted like bouillon cubes, but I can only assume that this was done completely naturally, seeing how much they bragged about the quality of the jidori chickens that they bring in from Japan and stew for eight hours, providing lots of healthy collagen.

Anyway, the light phở-like rice noodles that I chose were exactly the light thing that I needed, and I liked it better than Keisuke's Tori King. (Keisuke really needs to offer a boneless option - seriously.) I still have yet to come here to get the proper hot pot for dinner though, so I guess I'll have to find a minute to call ahead for a reservation one of these days.

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