Thursday, November 01, 2012

Kitakata Rahmen Yamakichi, Orchard Plaza

Shio Jito Ramen

I normally wouldn't eat ramen for both lunch and dinner; one bowl is already unhealthy enough after all. But for some strange reason, a second ramen shop also picked today as their opening day, and I came down here to see what it was like. Occupying the former grounds of Noodle House Ken (150 Orchard Road #01-18), these guys specialized in kitakata ramen.

I'm not exactly any expert in kitakata ramen, but this was better than I was expecting. The broth was crisp and light, going very well with the curly noodles. Unfortunately, some of my gyoza were still cold in the center, but I'll probably be back here from time to time when I'm yearning for something light. It looks like they are open late too.

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