Wednesday, January 24, 2018

City Seasons Tripe Restaurant in Beijing, China


The local team decided to come to this local charcoal hot pot place (Anhuali Area 3 Building 11, 64254556) for lunch today, especially given how darned cold it is outside. They ordered a barrage of things, including everything from simple sliced meat (both the frozen machine-sliced kind as well as the cruder hand-cut variety) all the way up to pig testicles, which were big and tender but not as gamey as I thought they would be.


No, those aren't testicles above, but instead minced lamb meatballs, which carried much more stank than anything else on the table, in a good way. I was also a big fan of their namesake tripe, which looked like a dismally grey plate at first, but they were pre-blanched for you to eat warm after a dip into your peanut sauce. Oh, if you're wondering, the broth was clear, so it wasn't spicy like Sichuan hot pot, but it was still delicious.

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