Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Araiya in Yokohama, Japan


I finished a meeting out in Yokohama this afternoon when I figured that I might as well stick around out here to eat something local before heading back into Tokyo. So I did a quick search online to try to find a local dish around here and it came down to either a local ramen called sanma-men, or a local sukiyaki called gyunabe. I wasn't in the mood for gluten, so I went for the latter. This place (4-23 Kaigandori, 226-5003) was nearby and specialized in the dish.

Actually, I'm confused about how this is different from your typical sukiyaki (it might be a different style, or just a different name). But I liked this better than any other sukiyaki that I've had, in part of course because of that beautifully marbled Kuroge wagyu, but also because the sauce was rich without being too sweet. Now, that beef wasn't cheap, and they didn't provide much. But I liked it enough that I would've ordered more if it just weren't so darned expensive.

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