Thursday, November 02, 2017

A Double Unadon Near Shimbashi Station, Tokyo

Double Unadon

I needed to refuel before going to my next meeting, so I headed into some rather beat up-looking alleyways near Shimbashi station that looked kind of interesting (at night, they house a lot of those little three-seater bars that salarymen hang out at). At lunchtime, there were a couple of shops doing unagi: one was more of a restaurant with tables, so I went for the other one, which was just a little 8-person counter manned by a (presumably) husband and wife team. I got a double portion and loved that it wasn't that sweet, all while being a bit crispy, and even a bit thin. These kinds of narrow counter-type places are really cool, but if my waistline were any bigger, I honestly wouldn't be able to fit in here!

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