Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tempura Tsunahachi in Tokyo, Japan

Uni Tempura

Tempura Tsunahachi (not to be confused with Tsubohachi) is actually the place that I wanted to go to for lunch today when I was out in Shinjuku. But I was just so darned hungry at the time that there was no way I could walk over there without fainting. Fortunately, these guys have another outlet not far from my hotel tonight, so I made it there for dinner just before they closed.

And it was wonderful. I opted for the high-end set, which was about US$15 more than the one below it, just to get one more prawn plus that sea urchin above. Wait, sea urchin?? You can deep fry sea urchin? Yep, they wrapped in seaweed and into the oil it went. Now, honestly I don't think it was worth the extra 15 bucks. But it was still full of sea urchin goodness, and how often do you get you eat deep fried sea urchin!

Anyway, I was more impressed with a clam that they deep-fried in the shell (!), and perhaps more memorably, a wonderfully tender and tasty sea bream as well as anago, all dipped in one of their four flavors of salt. That was a great meal, and the best thing about it was is that was probably also half the price of what I would have paid in Singapore. Who would've thought that Japan is now a (relative) bargain place to eat?

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