Friday, August 04, 2017

Barcelona's Restaurant Gaig in Singapore

Bacalao Empedrat

This Michelin-starred chef from Barcelona opened up a restaurant at Dempsey Hill a couple of years ago. But I never went, in part because some Catalan friends told me that they didn't like it, and also because it was targeting people with pay grades far above mine.

He recently opened another shop (16 Stanley Street, 6221-2134) not far from the office though, and it was offering lunch sets at a more reasonable S$38 (US$28). The venue, plating, and service were very high-end. The quality of the ingredients and attention to detail were what you'd expect of a Michelin-starred chef too.

But I was disappointed with how under-seasoned the food was, making it kinda boring. Seriously, everything would've been better with just another pinch of salt. Well, I'm happy that I finally tried his food, but I'm still not excited about getting Spanish food in Singapore.

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