Saturday, May 13, 2017

Montgomery's Fish & Chips in North Vancouver, Canada

Halibut and Chips

It's slated to rain in the next two days here, which really sucks. So I took advantage of the (partial) sunshine this morning to hop on a quick ferry ride out to North Vancouver where Lonsdale Quay Market sat on the other end.

Actually, the market was only the side show. What I really wanted was fish and chips from this shop (123 Carrie Cates Court, 604-929-8416), and I was pretty happy with it, particularly the lovely potato taste of the fries. It turns out that they get their potatoes from a local farmer.

I won't come back to Lonsdale Quay though, as the rest of the market was shockingly lousy. It was seemingly more of a shopping mall for tourists. There were just a few meat and seafood vendors, and vegetables were only present because of a farmer's market outside today.

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