Thursday, March 23, 2017

Menya Sho at Shinatatsu Ramen Street, Tokyo

Tori Paitan Tsukemen

This wasn't even a last minute stop, but rather almost literally at the last *second*. We had just landed at Haneda and were on our way into the hotel when the train stopped at Shinagawa station. I looked out the window and remembered that this was where Shinatatsu Ramen Street was. So at the spur of the moment, we leapt out of the train, luggage and all, and even had to force the doors back open while they closed on us. We made it out and down to the alley.

To my surprise, Nantsuttei, Tetsu, and Keisuke were all still there. We randomly picked the third one from the end, going for this tori paitan tsukemen from the ticket machine. And yes, it turned out to be a good choice, with fun chewy noodles and a gritty thick broth. It was so thick that it was more like a pasta sauce, but earthy. Admittedly the chicken flavor wasn't that pronounced, but it was delicious, and was all washed down by a couple of draft beers.

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