Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Hachifukumaru by Nantsuttei Group

Hachifukumaru Ramen

It's interesting. Keisuke's original outlet in Singapore was largely based on chicken stock (at least, outside of his shellfish varieties), while Nantsuttei across the way was largely based on tonkotsu. Then Keisuke went toward tonkotsu as well, and even opened up a second shop dedicated to it. Now it looks like Nantsuttei has also expanded to a second shop (160 Orchard Road #01-13, 6737-9713), but going in the opposite direction by using chicken bones.

There was no doubting the quality of the ingredients that they were using, and by and large, this was refreshing, especially since tonkotsu ramen is so overplayed here these days. But admittedly there wasn't anything so punchy about this bowl that made me cry for joy either. At least that black negi-based oil gave it a little extra fragrance, and all of those veggies on top helped eliminate some of the guilt. The fact that I drank the broth down to the last drop showed that I still appreciated the quality either way.

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