Wednesday, November 02, 2016

China's Shi Miao Dao Yunnan Rice Noodle in Singapore

Pickled Pepper Rice Noodle

When I was walking through the Food Republic at VivoCity last weekend, I noticed that stall number 3 was a chain from China selling Yunnan bridge crossing rice noodles. Basically it was like that local chain HonGuo, but at a food court (1 HarbourFront Walk Level 3, 6276-0521). I thus came by to give it a try. And I liked it. They threw in all the condiments for you rather than letting you do it yourself, but that didn't really matter, as the broth was light and tasty.

Granted, it didn't seem to have as much chicken fat on top as I recall HonGuo having, but I might be wrong on that, seeing how I've only eaten there once myself. This place has different flavor options too, including a mala one, as well as this golden pickled pepper version that was slightly sour and spicy. Yes, I'm happy to eat this again.

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