Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Golden Horse House (Jin Ma Fang)

Deep fried bumblebees

I think that was the right translation from Chinese, even if these guys in Beijing didn't seem to be using the English name above (and I can't read the address of this place, but the phone number was 8428-2279). Anyway, they specialized in Yunnan cuisine, which I was told is spicy, albeit a bit different from the Sichuan style. More than anything, my colleagues wanted to come here for some exotic food.

Yes, those are insects above, and specifically bees in the foreground. I actually kinda liked them, as they were just deep fried with salt and were hardly mealy at all. I'm not sure what the long black things were in the back but they didn't taste as bad as one would think either. Other stuff that came our way included things like duck heads (those salty things went well with some cold suds) and large intestines; Andrew Zimmern would indeed feel right at home here.

In the end, the thing that elicited the strongest reaction from me was a fish mint salad again, except this time it used the yellow roots rather than the green leaves. And let me tell you, the taste was so strong that I nearly spit the stuff out, vowing never to eat that again. I think that my colleagues were delighted to have finally defeated me.

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