Saturday, March 12, 2016

Shanghai's Faigo Hotpot at Clarke Quay, Singapore


I have no idea what "Hong Kong style" hot pot is, but this slightly upscale hotpot chain from China says that that's what they specialize in. And they opened up a shop at Clarke Quay a few months ago (3B River Valley Road #01-06/07, 6635-5677).

You actually have a choice of a number of broths, including Sichuan. But unlike its gaudy mainland brethren Hai Di Lao down the way, this one has individual pots for each diner.

I got a Teochew broth, and was actually rather happy with how it all tasted and came together. Service was surprisingly attentive and even caring. It wasn't cheap though. If I come back here, it will be for lunch when they offer some sets that seem much more reasonable in price.

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