Tuesday, January 13, 2015

China's Cuisine Master Hot Pot in Singapore

Hot Pot

This is a chain from China called Shi Shen Guo Feng Xing that I've been wanting to come to for a while now (68 Boat Quay, 6438-9979). I never did, as it was supposed to be some very high-end hot pot place with fancy service and high prices to boot. But the other day I noticed that their sister kitchen next door was offering some kind of a hot pot buffet for S$29 (US$23). They told me that it was basically the same ingredients as the real thing, but just without the service. I thus finally had my chance to give it a try.

Yeah, I liked it, as the ingredients were indeed good, even if the beef that you see there was just a bunch of scraps (presumably the bigger pieces went to customers next door...and they had a wagyu option available too, BTW). Still, if I had wanted a single-serving hot pot, I'd probably go to cheaper Shi Li Fang instead. Sure, the ingredients are more downscale over there, but it's hard to appreciate the difference in quality when you're drowning your food in all of that sodium, grease, and chili anyway.

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