Saturday, January 17, 2015

Haoyunlai Galaxy Pot at Orchard Gateway

Hot Pot

I randomly went over to the new Crate & Barrel side of Orchard Gateway today to see what other tenants were there. It turned out that there was only one other shop: a hot pot place that almost seemed to be a knockoff of Hai Di Lao, complete with a children's playground, gaudy/tacky decor, and tablet-based menus (218 Orchard Road #04-01, 6341-6102).

Unlike Hai Di Lao though, they used individual pots, and drinks were free. I gobbled down everything pretty easily, and I wouldn't mind eating it again. But I'm also starting to get sick of all of this hot pot that I've been eating recently. It's not exactly the healthiest stuff in the world least, not the mala version that I keep getting.

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