Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lin Da Ma Lei Cha at Amoy Street Food Centre

Lei Cha Fan

This lady (7 Maxwell Road #02-127, 9630-8110) was drawing huge lines yesterday. Strangely, there was no line today (instead, it was for Han Kee two stalls down) but nonetheless I gave it a try.

Yes, I liked it. Her broth was rich with basil and cilantro and also slight gritty enough to give it a bit more of a feel. The items adorning the rice were done with care, and her optional fried tofu add-on went well when dipped into her chili sauce.

So yes, this is one of the better lei cha fan stalls around town. I wish I had discovered her earlier, especially since this dish has the added benefit of being free of dragon breath.


Unknown said...

Tanjong Pagar 2nd Floor Food Centre
Hor Por Lei Cha Fan
Very decent, yums and comes with brown rice unless that makes you feel overtly healthy

bma said...

You mean these guys, right?