Monday, July 20, 2015

Enbu Japanese Grill Izakaya at Suntec

Tori Warayaki Don

When we were at Suntec this past weekend, I noticed something called Eat at Seven up at some new Sky Garden thing, but immediately dismissed it, thinking that it was just some lame food court. It was only after I looked it up last night did I realize that it was a collection of seven Japanese restaurants run by the ANA folks, among other partners. And the first one, Enbu, has opened already (3 Temasek Boulevard #03-307, 6268-8043).

These guys specialized in warayaki, or a cooking method where straw is used as fuel for the fire. Now, this bowl was slathered in some kind of gochujang-like sauce, so if there were some kind of special aroma that the straw imparted, I honestly couldn't taste it. But the chicken was tender, making me wolf it all down pretty quickly. I'll come back to try some of the other grilled items, even if the rest of the menu didn't look that exciting.

Perhaps more importantly, I'll also come back to try out some of the other restaurants that are opening soon. To my surprise, the other partners were the guys behind Ramen Champion as well as Tomo Izakaya, neither of which I've been huge fans of. I wonder how these shops will compare to that new "Japanese Food Street" that has opened up at neighboring Millenia Walk. So far that one only seems to have chains that we've seen already, particularly Chabuton, Saboten, and Tomi Sushi.

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