Sunday, May 31, 2015

Thai Boat Noodles at Noodle Cafe, Singapore

Kuai tiao ruea

As much as I've always wanted to go to one of those floating markets in Bangkok, I never had the chance to go to one. So I don't really have a proper basis for comparison for this pork-blood-free rendition of kuai tiao ruea boat noodles at at Sim Lim Square (1 Rochor Canal Road #01-06). But I will say that they are awesome.

Yes, part of it is just the sheer heat of that dark earthy chili powder. The "normal spicy" version was so darned hot that I had to downshift to "less spicy" on my next bowl. The noodles, meat, and broth all worked for me too. And who can complain about a shop that offers crackling and pork lard on the side?

Now, those S$1.90 (US$1.40) bowls are ridiculously small (literally gone in 1-2 bites), so the "big" version at S$5 (US$3.70) is the better choice. One day I should try the real deal up in Bangkok, although if the portions are really as small as they are here then it's going to take a lot of floating alongside the noodle boat before I get full.

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SMK said...

They are mostly the ayuthaya versions that are less soupy and more flavourful. You can get them on the streets in bangkok. No need for floating markets. But you tend to see their soupy cousins more. I had mine on a daily basis on the outskirts. About 20 baht a bowl, more like a snacking basis like the guo qiao mian xian in southern china, you can chug a few more bowls if you like it and plenty locals do start with one and do a couple of bowls. Those in your picture look plenty authentic to me.