Thursday, April 02, 2015

Telefónica Gastro Park in Tijuana, Mexico

Telefónica Gastro Park

With meetings behind me now, I took an extra day to hop down over the border before heading back to Asia. I had pretty specific intentions too: I wanted to get Baja Med. In other words, this trip wasn't going to be about traditional Mexican food, but rather a more recent interpretation leveraging local ingredients from the Mediterranean-like microclimate in Baja California. My first stop was thus going to be a place called Tacos Kokopelli, based upon what I saw in an Andrew Zimmern episode.

Taco de Pulpo

Or so I thought. They listed this address (Avenida Melchor Ocampo y Calle 11) as the location of one of their outlets. But upon arrival here, I found instead this little food truck park, not that different from what I might find in Austin or a good way. Maybe Kokopelli was here before, but they weren't now. Not to worry though; I got this octopus taco from Ta'Costeno instead, and it just blew me away. Everything from the tortilla to the huitlacoche to the salsa were so good that I seriously had trouble wiping a big smile off of my face.

Taco de Coliflor Mole

La Carmelita's cauliflower mole taco above was delicious too...not only because of that smoky and delicately sweet mole, but also since they threw in some nuts to give it a bit of a surprise crunch. And all of this was washed down by local microbrews that aren't often seen Stateside. I totally could have stayed here forever, and in fact was a bit curious about a ramen stall that one of the famous Baja Med chefs here started. But I couldn't waste any stomach space on a big bowl of noodles and soup. I had to go find another outlet of Kokopelli!

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