Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Yunnan “Cross Bridge Vermicelli” at HonGuo

Xiu Cai Mi Xian

Every time I passed by one of these outlets, I incorrectly thought that it was a Sichuan mala hot pot place due to the name. And yet every time I asked to see the menu, I was disappointed to find that it wasn't. Instead, it was just some kind of a boring looking soup noodle thing.

Yet somehow today I actually stopped to read the details of the menu, realizing that it is some kind of dish from Yunnan where the broth is kept warm by a nice layer of chicken fat on top. Wait - a layer of chicken fat? Cool; this one I had to try!

And I liked it...not due to the range of ingredients that you had to throw in yourself, but rather because of that super savory broth (reminded me a bit of Tsukada Nojo). I drank it all down to the end, with the other things like noodles just being something to complement that lovely broth. I'll come back here again.

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