Friday, April 04, 2014

Finding Post-Drinking Food in Gangnam-gu


Oh man, that hit the spot! After a rather heavy amount of drinking tonight, I needed food. So I stumbled back out onto the streets to try to find something, preferably soupy. There wasn't much that was open at this hour, and I nearly gave in to just getting a bowl of instant noodles at a convenience store. Fortunately, I stumbled across this outlet of Busan Ahjimae just before doing so; it was open 24 hours.

I had no idea what to order, and the lady couldn't speak English either, so it was interesting that she just brought this out without me even specifying my request (either that, or it was the *only* thing that she was serving!). I never quite got around to asking her what I ordered, but I believe that it was kalbitang (or was it seolleongtang?), and it totally hit the spot with that savory yet thin broth.

Yummmm...I love it when I randomly come across gems like this. And it's good that I found it, as I suspect that I'm going to be coming here again on my next business trip up here, especially given the local team's penchant for wanting to keep shoving soju down my throat. I just hope that I can find it again next time.

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