Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Korean and Indian Meals on SQ 16...Sorta

Korean Spicy Prawns and Japchae

Time for another run on SQ 16. As with before, this Air India codeshare ran through Incheon, thus offering both Indian and Korean meals. Or so I thought. By the time they got to us waaay in the back of the plane today, neither the Korean nor Indian selections were available. Fortunately, our flight attendant was cool; as consolation, she offered some "spicy prawns" that were actually a business class selection, but served in the original heating tray rather than the fancy porcelain from the front of the cabin. It was surprisingly spicy and even came with japchae.


There wasn't very much time in transit at Incheon, but we nonetheless stopped by the food court to wolf something down quickly. We ended up with this seolleongtang, which was deliciously thin yet full of bone marrow-like depth. It was exactly what I needed before getting on the long haul to the US, and perhaps more amusingly, none other than PSY was playing on the overhead sound system here. Note to self: there's a Paldo stall here selling Teumsae Ramyeon.

Medu wada with sambhar, vegetable savory upma, and coconut chutney

Back on the plane again, I figured that I'd get another chance to try to get an Indian meal. Fortunately, I got the wada above as a snack just before landing. But for dinner, the flight attendant strangely told me that Indian meals were only available as a special booking, even though the menu clearly listed an Indian selection as a possibility tonight. So I ended up with a rather unappealing Korean dak jjim stewed chicken that I stopped eating after just a few bites. Ugh.

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