Saturday, December 25, 2010

An Air India Codeshare on SQ via ICN

Indian meal on SQ

I didn't book any special meals on this trip, but I didn't really have to, seeing that today's SQ flight was a codeshare with Air India, which thus meant that Indian food was automatically available on top of the usual two selections. This one on the first leg out of Singapore was tasty enough that I gobbled it up in seconds, although I couldn't quite say the same about the one on the connecting leg out of Incheon, especially when the yogurt that was provided was mildly sweet. Ugh.

What's perhaps more interesting is when an Air India codeshare goes via Korea: this morning's breakfast selections before arrival included not just scrambled eggs and vadai, but also kimchi fried rice. It did the job for me, especially when it came with one of those delicious little packs of roasted Korean seaweed. But it was interesting that they served something with a kimchi odor that the rest of the cabin might not appreciate.

Note to self: the very nicely decorated Asiana lounge on the fourth floor of the ICN concourse came complete with shower facilities, but the spread this afternoon wasn't worth saving stomach space for. (I thought I remembered an SQ lounge last time I was here, but that was so many years ago that I won't be surprised if things have changed since then?) Some of the food courts downstairs might be worth a try if there is time though, even if one of them is just an outlet of Nolboo.

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Three-Cookies said...

Lot of different items on the tray. I suppose variety is the spice of life:)