Sunday, August 09, 2009

Nolboo Korean Restaurant, Singapore

Nolboo Galbi

A lot of Japanese chains have expanded to Singapore recently. And it looks like a big Korean chain now has an outlet in Singapore too. Located across from Ootoya at Orchard Central, these guys (181 Orchard Road #08-04, 6884-9151) featured tables where the barbeque setup was reversed: the vacuum siphon rose up from the table rather than down from the ceiling, while the hot coals sat in a movable pot rather than in a recessed grill.

I grabbed their namesake Nolboo Galbi. My sweet-averse palate didn't really care too much for its marinade, but the meat was tender and tasty enough on its own that I gobbled it up pretty quickly anyway. Similarly, their banchan skewed a bit to the sweet side (nor did they provide any sesame oil dips), although it was good to see such a fresh and generous spread. Well, even if I prefer places like Red Pig over this, I might come back here one of these days to check out some of the stews and clay pot items.


Anonymous said...

You should try the ginseng chicken if you return to Nolboo.

Ma Pazzion said...

The service there is the worst ever in Singapore.

I rather go to Manna at Telok Ayer Street for genuine Korean fare.